[last update: 8/15/2012 12:50pm EST]


Welcome to the home of “Over the Hill”. We are a LORD OF THE RINGS ONLINE Kinship Exclusive to the Gladden Server. [If you’d like to sponsor a Kinship of the same name on another Server, email: samueljcthomas@gmail.com]

No, this isn’t just another one of those stupid pointless kinship websites. Created for a purpose, & updated at least 6 times a week, this page is meant to be useful.


* being able to see the Kinship Bank Account; as well as submit loan requests, etc.

* being able to see at all times the Kinship Main Vault. Yes! Mevaqesh’s huge vault space (expanded 4 times past the normal character size) is devoted to holding items useful to members of the Kinship. Predomoniently Quest items, however. Give it time though, for the once stuffed vault was recently sold off to provide for $ for the Kinship House.

Remember, our Kinship doesn’t play favorites. EVERYONE here is an officer. The only way you get demoted is after a Kinship majority vote to do so. (Which has never happened).

When you’re at the Kinship House, don’t forget to visit Mevaqesh’s house, which is @:

– Bree-Land Homesteads > Dundore > 6 Chestnut Street

…it’s next door to the Kinship House, and has two more chests that are open to use for all Kinship Members automatically.