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Well folks, so much for no Drama. I (MEVAQESH) have as yet been unable to log online. As such, I have not been able to EXPEL the player FREYINORRA / VELGREEN from our group. Following is a complete list of Emails that she initiated that convinced me to ban her.

As I have been unable to Log On, I have been unable to EXPEL the member behind the Characters ‘VELGREEN’ and ‘FREYINORRA’. Following is a COMPLETE list of the Emails that led to me to decide to proceed forward with this action:


EMAIL#1 – FROM ‘FREYINORRA’ Tue, Aug 14, 2012 at 11:11 AM:

Hello MAV!
Finally had a chance to look at the website . . .
Good job!
I saw a place to register and sign in BUT it seemed as if
I would be signing for the provider, not the actual website membership . . .
if you follow me
I had hoped there was a place on the sight for Kinship members to
post comments . . . I had wanted to give a HALLO to everyone, so to speak
ALSO, I thought it would be cool if we could post screen shots of our toons and
other fun stuff (not that one below though, I just sent it for laughs)


EMAIL#2 – FROM ‘MEVAQESH’ Tue, Aug 14, 2012 at 6:05 PM

Hey there – updating the website is a FT job in itself – we tried that idea last year, but some members (who will remain nameless =P ) really made a mess of things. I’m planning on creating a new section however for places like your photo here to be added. Another idea, however, is for someone like you, for example, to create another website that the main one can link to, and you (or whoever) can handle all the ‘social’ stuff and I can put a direct link to it at the top of the page. The main reason for the site is for loans, the kinship vault so people can not have to go out and gather items all the time to complete quests and so others can make money, as well as crafting so everyone knows who can craft what for assistance.


EMAIL#3 – FROM ‘FREYINORRA’ Tue, Aug 14, 2012 at 8:27 PM

Hello “Mava”

Thanks for getting back to me . . . much to say in responce; but I shall endevore to be brief.
Yes, ABSOLUTELY I understand how much trouble updating is . . . and I can image how sometimes
offering free reign to members to post all types of things can become unruly chaos.
Before I respond to the “other web site idea” I just wanted to say:
Most members have made me and my toons very welcome; most people have been very friendly.
My Hobbits may be a bit bulsterous, but I feel generally liked . . . . HEY, I can even get a chuckle out
of Melif, my stout friend, from time to time . . . now that’s something! And I must be pretty charismatic
I have already adopted a member as a child . . .ha ha ha . . . NAZ is Velgreen’s child now . . . hee hee hee.
Fluffbum, Lunbeck and many others have been very cool.
I am trying to size everyone up an give everyone a friendly invitation to speak to me etc . . .
I already have some regulars for Freyinorra’s Pipe Weeds, ha ha ha.
So, thanks for having me and my toons aboard . . . I am having a blast.
BTW: I was only joking when I said “I only quest with INN LEAGUE members” . . . it was all in the fun of getting
NAZ to do the quest . . .ha ha ha
I enjoy that quest, and you can re-do the pub runs anytime for fun.
Actually, I can create an addition web sit for the Kin . . . . however, I can do a googleplex better if you like. . .
I am not dismissing the idea of only an additional one for the “fun social stuff”, nor am I intending to insult your
great efforts in the existing site, but please here me out:
Pardon me for tooting my box of horns . . . I have a bit of experience designing websites in fact.
I can make them attractive, comprehensive, and most importantly user-friendly.
In theory I could design a whole new and improved site for the Kin etc; which, logically would include
pages for the what would have otherwise comprised the “other website” idea.
Basically, I do fully understand your goals with the existing ones theroughly, but, to be blunt ( and pardon me
if I seem too arrogent), the additional site could be so good that it might as well be the main one . . .and/or
include all the info from the current site in a more accessable and ultimately stylish way.
I do have a number of great ideas too; perhaps too many to mention here . . .
These ideas are not just improvements for the aethstetic look but the actual functionality . . .
(and once again, I am not insulting your current efforts)
I shall go over few here for you if you care to brouse them . . . (please do ha ha ha)
(and don’t get in a huff thinking “it will be a pain to update all that” hee hee hee)
Alphabetical listing of all members (you already have)
List of characters by class
List of characters by profession
A list for those with alternates to list what toons they are (not required of members to say of course)
A special list by craft skills fro those whom wish to be listed as helpers
MEANING: a list of player’s toons that can and WANT to be asked to craft for members . .
such as Freyinorra: Westfold Master Farmer could be on the list etc . . .
That way it is super easy to hunt up help to get items crafted etc
The boxes:
Basically, I could design it so one can click on the box contents by location such as Kin house . .
and it shows what is where AND WHAT BOXES ARE FULL especially
and of course a list for what’s in the guild vault on it’s own page/link etc
Featured members and highest officers pages (like for Mavaquesh)
There would be a page for this that includes a screen shot and bio etc
and any member who wishes to be a “featured member” submits a SSht
and thier toon bio etc
Blog and comments:
an area for people to make comments but monitored for appropriate content . . .
may or may not inclue link capable
Screen shot page:
self explainatory . . . members send SShts and I will post them there etc
comprehensive contact:
Members and officers have e-mail listings (not mandatory though) etc
AND/OR a generic contact form to preserve privacy etc
one of the first things I would do is create a logo for marque etc for the Kinship . .
I am a graphic designer, ergo no problem
Stylised pages in general with backgrounds and semi-transparents
Stylized buttons and headers etc etc ect THE WHOLE 9 YARDS
I can even but music on the site
WELL THE IDEA LIST GOES ON AND ON . . .but let me adress some of your concerns:
In for a penny in for a pound: if I create this etc the burdon of updates will not be on your hands alone;
obviously I will shoulder a large part of the burdon etc
Webhosting . . . I have access to some great free hosting and if I were to design a-new for the Kin
I would not use the host you are currently on . . .and YES, I will give you the passwords etc etc
And I have a very orginaized picture already in my koo koo geek bird brain ha ha ha
if you are interested I can make a format proto type to show you and we can tweek it and work from there . . .
but keep in mind that I will not do a quicky or poor job . . . I only do work I am proud of
And only the “blog” section could become a mess BUT it will be monitored and have a strict set of rules etc
well, too much to say
Let me know what you may be interested in . . . I would be glad to offer my skills, experience and resources
Talk later and see you over the hill


EMAIL#4 – FROM ‘MEVAQESH’ Tue, Aug 14, 2012 at 8:39 PM

I’ve been designing websites since Winter of 1996. On occasion I have done it for a living. I don’t have the time due to my homelessness and joblessness nor the finances to properly create the site I’d rather do. Perhaps if my situation improves in the future.

We are also a layed back group, and some of us have felt that too much work already goes into the Kinship Bank Account and Kinship Vault, which always only a smaller number of ourplayers throughout the last 2 years of our Kinships (we started out as another one) have appreciated. Again, it’s just not worth the time for us, but that may change in the future.


EMAIL#5 – FROM ‘FREYINORRA’ Tue, Aug 14, 2012 at 8:51 PM

I offered to design it for the Kin . . ..
and I was also offering to take some burdon of off you . . .
As far as the Kin account . . .if you mean giving in-game money, you said only VIP members can do that.
I had no idea that you are “homeless and jobless” . . . and I asume you are not kidding . . . and I am sorry to
here that . . . you had a work adress in your e-mail , , , , well, none of my business.
Parden me for being blunt, but a “Thanks for the offer, I really appriciate it but we”ll make do with what we have”
would have been nice . . .
I am not trying to take over BUT I do have skills and resources and wanted to contribute what I could
I didn’t realize that it insulted you that someone may be enthuiastic about helping
– Madiwin Kelly


EMAIL#6 – FROM ‘MEVAQESH’ Tue, Aug 14, 2012 at 8:53 PM

You misunderstood, on two accounts:
1) You didn’t offend me. I’m sorry if I gave you that impression, but that’s not the case.
2) I never turned you down – the offer for the ‘social page’, as I’m calling it for lack of a better term, still stands.
3) If I’ve offended you, I’m sorry.
Most of the work on the main page requires:
A) A character that has expanded their Kinship Vault to the maximum size. This costs, I believe 1,000s of Turbine Points.
B) Someone with Spreadsheets and a willingness to keep up with the Kinship site Inventory & Banking Daily. This alone takes up the majority of the time set aside for the website.
The work address is my last home address on my signature Email. I had tried doing Programming jobs on the side before I lost everything. It failed. I have yet to change it. I have not had internet access for nearly a year until approximately 2 months ago.
One more thing, if you think I’m a liar about being homeless and jobless, here’s the Email address of the co-founder, Agrien:

EMAIL#7 – FROM ‘FREYINORRA’ Wed, Aug 15, 2012 at 11:38 AM

I am an adult. I am not going to dignify your rude rants with a childish responce.
I shall offer you this advice however:
Perhaps it is time that you find yourself employment and stop worrying about
Lord of the Rings on-line.
Perhaps a paper route . . . it builds character; something you apparently lack
at this current time.
I wish you well, but you are strongly advised not to bother me again; I do not
wish to contact my attorney over the issue.
Thank you
Madiwin Kelly, MMus,BSc


EMAIL#8 – FROM ‘MEVAQESH’ Wed, Aug 15, 2012 at 11:41 AM

My attorney has already been contacted. Do not Email me again or contact me online.






Regarding the last News item, Mevaqesh (me) has submitted a Ticket to Turbine. As of yet they have NOT responded.


MEVAQESH said to say sorry for his absence the past 72 hours. He’s had an awful lot of trouble trying to download the latest LOTRO update.  For THREE days now he’s been unable to DL the latest LOTRO update. Every time he gets about 60% of the files downloaded, the connection terminates from the LOTRO end and he has to start all over. At 3G speeds out in the Boonies, just getting to 60% takes an hour…


Some members have recently expressed an interest in this site going ‘more social’. If you’re interested in managing a secondary page of this site dedicated to such matters, email MEVAQESH at samueljcthomas@gmail.com


We are planning, in the near future, on having a New Recruit Rewards Contest. All of you are Officers, which means you have the ability to recruit new members at your leisure. Once the contest starts, those of you who recruit the most new members (that stay for at least a few days) will receive a VERY large cash reward. More details to come.


Welcome to all of our recently added members the past several weeks,  AEHDHALAS, FLUFFBUM,  HAWNEL, LIDLO, LUNBECK, MRTED, SALLINDRA, TRIPPLETHREAT, and others I’ve left out. I’ve gotten to spend some time in-game with most of you, and am delighted to have each and everyone of you!


Thanks again to FALAARAN for aiding MEVAQESH & AEHDHALAS in the Goblin Cave 8/12 – we’d have died so many times without your help. I know you weren’t probably even getting any experience points either, since you were such a higher level.


Prayers for our beloved co-founder, “Agrien”, who is on a road trip. Hoping to get to see her soon.


The Kinship Policy on loans has changed, no red tape. See the notes below in the Kinship Inventory Section.


After a 6 Month Absence, the “Over the Hill” Kinship Website is BACK online! Be sure to read this ENTIRE PAGE, as the KINSHIP BANK ACCOUNT and the KINSHIP VAULT ITEMS are all listed on here! This site is to be updated a MINIMUM of once per day, 6 days per week, so be sure to check back frequently! The site is updated by MEVAQESH. If you don’t see him online, please feel free to contact him via Email: samueljcthomas@gmail.com , OR, via Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/SamuelJCThomas/